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  • Silk Screening

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    • Heartwalk
    • Ethnic Expo
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    • Henry Social Club Apron
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    Screen printing, sometimes referred to as silk screening, is a form of garment printing in which plastisol-based inks are pressed through a screen onto a garment, leaving a layer of ink on top of the fabric. Screen printing is the most established and widely-used form of garment printing available.  During the printing process, a set of screens (one for each color being printed) rotates around a press in a carousel motion and takes turns being pressed onto each garment.

    • 24 minimum order.
    • We can print anything from simple text to designs with up to 6 colors.
    • Vector EPS files of the artwork are required for the screen printing process.
    • All you need to get started is your artwork, shirt color and quantity needed…we are happy to provide you with a quote!


    Direct to Garment Printing



    Direct to garment (or DTG) printing involves an advanced inkjet printer laying ink directly onto a garment.  These prints are generally thinner than screenprints, allowing for more intricate designs and a softer print texture. The full range of color in a photograph or gradients of an image can be expressed.

    • No minimum order!  We can print just one shirt!
    • High-quality (150 dpi)  PNG files of the artwork  are required for DTG printing.



    Heat Transfer

    • Camo Heat Transfer
    • Canvas Bag with PInk Sparkle Ribbon Heat Transfer
    • Auditor Safety Vest
    • Security
    • Pawlus Dental
    • Baby Onesie
    • Scarf with Pink Sparkle Ribbon Heat Transfer
    • Ivory Gull Digital Heat Transfer
    • The Novacane Quartet Digital Heat Transfer


    A screen printed transfer (also known as a plastisol transfer) is an image which has been screen printed onto release paper. Instead of being directly screen printed onto a shirt or other item, the design is printed onto transfer paper, then applied with a heat press. Screen printed transfers can be single or multi-color, and heat apply in seconds to any number of items, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jackets, shoes (YES, we can now do shoes!) bags, caps and mouse pads.  It also works great for sports jerseys (numbers), and when reflective material is needed for safety apparel.  We can do custom designs or logos in solid, sparkle, puffy, pearl, glow in the dark or foil colors.


    In digital transfer printing, high-quality print/cut systems are used to print full color designs (such as photographs) onto printable heat transfer material. 



    Low minimum  and more durable than DTG.


    Click here to see samples of heat transfer.


    Don’t have artwork?  Check out the Easy Prints  Idea Book to look at stock clip art and layouts that can be customized for screen printed transfers.



    Rhinestone Bling Heat Transfer

    • Hoodie with Football Rhinestone Bling
    • Courage Ribbon Rhinestone Bling
    • Canvas Bag with Rhinestone Wings
    • Horseshoe Rhinestone Fleece Vest
    • Basketball Mom Rhinestone Bling
    • Basketball Rhinestone Bling
    • Save The Hooters Rhinestone Bling
    • Sport Hoodie with Pawprint Rhinestone Bling
    • Rhinestone
    • eyb logo Rhinestone Bling
    • Ribbon with Wings Rhinestone Bling
    • Horseshoe Rhinestone Sports Hoodie


    Rhinestone heat transfers are the newest rage! We can decorate t shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, bags, wine holders, scarves….just about anything you can think of!  We have many designs to choose from and are finding new ones every day! Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask…


    Click here to see samples of Rhinestone Bling.




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